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Supernaturals Coming Clean!

Because you can never have enough safe sex!

Because you can never have enough safe-sex!
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Welcome to Supernaturals Coming Clean!
The fic Comm where it’s all about safer-sex! We’re not just talking about fics where the boys use condoms, oh no, we want a little bit more than that.

We want the fics where Sam says to Dean, Dude, I know where that's been, no way. Go to the drugstore if you want to get laid. We want the awkward drunken fumbling fic where Jared and Jensen just cannot find the condom (extra points if there's a room-mate and it involves rock-paper-scissors ala Friends). We want the uber angsty fic where one of the boys says, I cheated on you and I didn't use protection. We want the fic with the awkward conversation but schoompy undertones of the boys deciding they've been together this long now, maybe they should get tested, because this is kinda serious. We want comedy fic written from the point of view of the cashier in the store nearest the boys place, wondering about what the hell they get up to get through boxes of condoms and tubes of lube that quickly. We want the line, While coming all over my face may be fun for you, I don't want any of your STDs in a blow job fic, featuring a box of flavored condoms.

So here’s a place to post all your fics that deal any of the issues surrounding safe-sex, or the lack thereof! And to keep the fics coming, we’ll be running challenges every so often, because we’re all greedy and we just want more safe-sex in fandom!

We’re kicking off with a challenge, and once the challenge fics have been posted, we’ll open the Comm up to general submissions, where the rules will be pretty simple! But until then, let’s get going with challenge one! A safe-sex ficathon.
Current Challenge
To kick off we’re starting with a safe-sex ficathon!

Keeping it nice and simple, here are the dates you need to know:

Prompt Submissions Open: Monday 25th Feb.
Prompt Submissions Close: Friday 7th March.
Prompts Open for Claiming: Saturday 8th March.
Fic Posting Begins: Monday 10th March
Fic Submissions Closed: Saturday 19th April.

When we see how many prompts we’ve got and how many people are watching the Comm, we’ll decide how many prompts you can claim!

All fics posted before the Saturday 19th April challenge deadline will be posted in the Challenge Masterlist. Sunday the 20th April the Comm will open to all submissions of fic, be they old or new ones. If you miss the masterlist deadline, you’re most than welcome to still post the fic (in fact, we encourage you to!), it just won’t be on the sticky-post Masterlist.

The Rules
1. Keep it friendly. We’re all here for the fic and fangirling, so play nice, have fun and write/read fic.
2. You can submit art or fic here, we’re not picky! We’ll accept slash, het, RPS, and Wincest.
3. All fics posted must be on the theme of safe-sex. A fic with a throw away reference to them using a condom isn’t enough! The fics must have a focus on safe-sex/the effects of the lack of safe-sex or have a significant scene on the theme.
4. Use the tags! The tags are there to make it easier for everyone, so please use the tags provide when you’re posting your fic.
5. We do welcome het here if you want to write it! Please keep it to cannon characters only (Jess, Cassie, Ruby, Bela) or Sandy or Danneel in Real Person fic. Keep OMCs/OFCs to the background please, we know you’ll probably need them (*looks at Dean*), but not as main pairings please. Keep it to our boys.
6. If you don’t like any of the girls, keep it to your own LJ. Girl bashing will not be tolerated by the Mods.
7. No off topic posts! If you have any questions, get in contact with the Mods on the e-mail below. Don’t post it! If you have any questions about safe sex, check the Comm’s links and google it. Still stuck? Contact the Mods and if we can’t help, then we’ll consider posting the question.
8. Most importantly: Have fun and feed our safe-sex loving habit!
Who's Who?
Your current modding team are:

_doodle, benitle, feisty_red and oracleholly.

If you have any questions direct them to:

spncomingclean at gmail dot com

And we’ll get back to you asap.

Special thanks go to causette for sparking this whole thing off and for setting us up with the Comm’s fantastic layout and graphics.
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